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The benefit analysis identifies your improvement potential

The benefit analysis is a no-obligation, value-based analysis that identifies the potential for improvement and optimisation of your business processes.


If you are not sure whether you should invest in a new system and what real difference it will make for your company, then Schilling can help you. Through our benefit analysis we can investigate quickly and with only few resources potential improvement areas and time savings in your business processes – and you do not commit yourself to anything. The benefit analysis is a value-based analysis that benchmarks your company. Our analysis approach is based on 'best practice' so that you can compare your company with others on the market and see if you are on the right track.


Select the area or process you want us to investigate. This can for example be the administration of rights, contracts, royalty, digital publishing, or title management from idea to print. From interviews with key persons in your organisation we shall investigate how well the particular area is handled compared to 'best practice'.


The outcome of the benefit analysis is a scorecard and suggestions for how your company can be streamlined or improved so that you exploit the benefits. The benefit analysis can be used separately or lead on to a performance analysis.


Which benefit can your business achieve?

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