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Bonnierförlagen makes full use of Schilling Publishing

The partnership with Schilling has helped one of Europe’s leading publishing groups, the Swedish company Bonnierförlagen, to support their business operations. Schilling Publishing is a state of the art solution designed specially for publishers. One key project, digitising the order handling, has reduced lead times, errors and costs significantly. 



In 1997, one of Europe's largest publishing groups, the Swedish company Bonnierförlagen, found themselves with a challenge facing the millennium. The company needed a new IT solution that was reliable and fast to implement, and the job went to Schilling.
Quickly established system
"At the time, Schilling was asked to quickly establish a fully operational publishing-related ERP system for one of our smaller publishing houses. If they could do that, then they would have access to future work within the group," explains Magnus Brundin, CFO, Bonnierförlagen.
The next project Schilling was asked to handle was to have a complete system ready by 31 December 1999, which meant that Bonnierförlagen had to be up and fully operational at the stroke of midnight, marking the dawn of the year 2000.
"Implementing large-scale IT projects means encountering challenges along the way. The difference lies in how the business partner tackles those challenges, and I must say that Schilling had – and has – a very far-sighted and solution-oriented approach. Schilling's employees demonstrate a genuine willingness to get from A to B in the best possible way. And to me, that's one of the keys to the partnership we have with Schilling to this day," emphasises Magnus Brundin.


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