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Competence check
Work smarter by using your Schilling solution efficiently

Why get a competence check?
You will save time by optimising the daily work and routines of your teams. Do your job even better and get greater job satisfaction. Get an overview of the current Schilling competencies in your company, track progress towards the desired level, and improve your business performance.


By regularly upgrading your company’s competencies and daily work processes, you minimise mistakes, eliminate bad habits, and get more out of your Schilling solution.

The competence check is the first step in our competence development process that will give you full return on investment. We start by mapping the competence level of each individual Schilling user. During the competence check we go through the employees' current skills, what level they are at right now, where they should be, and where there may be gaps. The competence check will result in a detailed training plan for each employee and a consolidated competence map for your company.
Competence check agenda:
  • Introduction to competence check, value, and process.
  • Identify areas/users to be evaluated.
  • Go through the skills file and look at levels of competence.
  • Proposal of how we can make individual training plans.
  • Consolidated view of all employees.
  • Training format selection, for example classroom training, online training.
  • Training material (presentations, assignments, certification, diploma).
Training of individual employees includes:
  • Skills and needs assessment.
  • Individual training plan.
  • Training.
  • Certification.

How to get a competence check?
Get a competence check, upgrade your employees' skills, and optimise your daily work processes. Contact Elaine Kjeldsen at or call +45 70 27 99 00.


Download material about Competence check.


  • Optimise your daily work
  • Make the most of your Schilling solution
  • Become more efficient
  • Minimise mistakes
  • Streamline work processes
  • Save time by doing things right the first time
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Better reporting


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