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What our course participants say

Our goal is to be your preferred course provider, to create value for you, and to ensure that you always experience the same high quality. Therefore we continuously evaluate our courses and have an on-going dialog with our course participants so that we always give you what you need.

Course evaluations
The average satisfaction score for our courses is 4.0 on a scale of 1-5.

What our course participants say:

”I got exactly what I came for. A good framework to build on and a top-motivated instructor.”
- About the course ”Nominal ledger”, Søren Vad, KIRK KAPITAL.

”I think Michael is a very good instructor. We get answers to our questions, and if we don't understand Danish, Michael explains it with other words until we understand.”
- About the course ”Stock management”, Johanna Hübbinette, Norstedts.

”A very rewarding course. I look forward to getting started "at home".”
- About the course ”Dialog design”, Mette Bertelsen, Byggecentrum.

”This was a brush-up course and it was very valuable because now I could keep up all the time. It's a very good idea with a brush-up course.”
- About the course ”Company courses”, Ann O'jemo Tärnström, Norstedts.

”It's great with practical exercises mixed with theory.”
- About the course ”Nominal ledger”, Martin Linell, Norstedts.

Evaluation results from current courses (average)

  • Royalty 3.8
  • Nominal ledger 4.0
  • Dialog design 4.6
  • Purchasing 4.4
  • Marketing 4.0

Course satisfaction

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