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Schilling's future success

Schilling's most important resource is our employees – their know-how, expertise, and qualifications. Employee commitment is the primary basis for our continued success. The opportunities for personal development and responsibility are characterised by initiative and personal commitment in an organisation where anything can happen.

Our corporate culture is characterised by mutual loyalty and high seniority. Because our employees have been with Schilling for a very long time, they have a thorough understanding of our solutions, processes and, especially, our customers. Schilling employees are characterised by strong professionalism, high intelligence, and a healthy curiosity with the ability to think beyond habits and dogmas.

Here you can read about what is it like to work in Schilling:

Jakob Larsen, Principal Consultant
“Our objective is to help our customers achieve success in an industry facing its biggest challenges since the day of Gutenberg. For example, consolidation in the retail sector and digitisation are very important factors. My job as consultant is primarily to help make operations more efficient so publishers can continue to deliver their core services to consumers in a profitable manner.”


A constantly changing world requires a short path from idea to action:
“We can help publishing companies tackle the challenges. Don’t forget – everyone predicted the death of the music publishers, but they’re still here. With us, the path from idea to action is short, and that’s important when servicing our existing customers as well as our international customers.”

To ensure the best working conditions, the qualifications of our employees should be enhanced on a continuous basis with the latest knowledge and technology to enable them to understand all aspects of what we deliver to our customers.


Schilling offers a secure working environment with professional and dedicated colleagues and many opportunities for personal development in a constantly changing world where no two days are the same.


The future lies at your feet. It is up to you to rise to the challenge and make a career with Schilling.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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