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What are your daily success criteria and goals?


  • Optimisation of the order and product handling.
  • Increased flexibility and profitability.
  • Improved service possibilities.
  • Optimisation of storage capacity.
  • Faster reaction to customer needs.
  • Balance supply and demand across your business to minimise product shortage despite smaller stocks.
  • Logistics and fulfilment management, profitable stocking and delivery through a global network.
  • Better management and overview of the production to reduce time consumption and streamline the work routines.
  • Increase visibility of assets to reduce and correct product faults, increase capacity, and improve the quality.

Schilling Stock, Logistics and Distribution give you the tools for a better distribution.

We work on a daily basis with publishing companies to optimise their work procedures related to stock, logistics and distribution. We serve as sparring partner to many stock and logistics departments and help to ensure fast, accurate, and on-time deliveries at the correct prices.

With our knowledge of the publishing business and its many challenges, we offer you our expertise that includes streamlining of work routines, support of the work processes, and fast reaction to customer requirements with greater efficiency and flexibility via Schilling Publishing and best practice models.


Best Practice in Publishing


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