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What are your daily success criteria and goals?


Schilling gives you the tools for better financial management:

  • Improve efficiency by streamlining the financial processes, such as reporting and incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Increase growth, reduce costs and improve the decision quality for all employees, including planning and strategic execution.
  • Risk management and requirement fulfilment through controls and real-time monitoring, etc.
  • Optimise the working capital to strengthen the cashflow, control liquidity, and improve the control of the cash balance.

Schilling Publishing gives you the tools to support your success criteria and goals.


We work on a daily basis with publishing companies to optimise their work procedures. We serve as sparring partner to finance departments and help create the basis for decision that ultimately leads to the best bottom line results.

With our knowledge of the publishing business and its many challenges, we offer you our expertise that includes insight and overview across the organisation, efficient financial management, and flexibility to have efficient and correct posting and reporting via Schilling Publishing and best practice models.


Contracts, Rights & Royalties

Simplify complex contracts and royalty calculations and be in control of all your assets with Schilling Contract, Rights & Royalty Management

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Finance management

With Schilling Finance Management you have all the necessary tools to manage your financial reports, accounts, administration, debtor/creditor, stock, sales, project accounts, etc.

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