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What are your daily success criteria and goals?


  • Manage and optimise IT operations to minimise risks, reduce costs, and ensure constant innovation.
  • Consolidate and enhance IT to modernise the organisation and improve efficiency.
  • Integrate and customise work routines to ensure the flexibility that your company needs.
  • Handle and supply information to ensure action-oriented knowledge throughout the organisation.
  • Authorise and link employees together to enhance productivity and cooperation.
  • Maintain and upgrade solutions easily and reliably.

Schilling Publishing gives you the tools and the right technology to ensure 100% operational efficiency.

We work on a daily basis with publishing companies to optimise the operation of their systems. We serve as sparring partner to IT departments and help to create insight and transparency across the organisation, on-going upgrades, increase the operational efficiency, and ensure reporting and posting in accordance with the requirements.

With our knowledge of the publishing business and its many challenges, we offer you our expertise that includes better operations management, easy upgrades, integration, user-friendliness, improved productivity and efficiency via Schilling Publishing's technology and best practice models.



Publishing portal

Offer value-added services and enhance your service level, get higher customer satisfaction, and increase your earnings

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Contracts, Rights & Royalties

Simplify complex contracts and royalty calculations and be in control of all your assets with Schilling Contract, Rights & Royalty Management

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