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Schilling consultants integral in streamlining media house

Schilling management consultants, with their thorough understanding of all aspects of the publishing industry and culture, carried out a successful analysis of the workflow and drew a roadmap for development at Finland’s largest Christian publishing company, Kotimaa.



Finland’s largest Christian media house, Kotimaa, also feels the winds of change in the publishing industry. The company covers all types of publications, from books, magazines and newspapers to digital platforms. All these areas are feeling the effects of increased competition, consolidation and, especially, the need to find new approaches to developing more profitable methods of operating a media house.
Efficient working methods
"I was appointed director in 2010 and could see that we needed a process that could create the necessary changes in our working methods to make us more efficient. In our book publishing unit we decided that the best way to get the whole organisation involved was to use outside consultants. There has to be a balance between leading top-down and developing bottom-up. Consultants can help find that balance," explains Jaakko Tapaninen, CEO at Kotimaa.
But according to Kotimaa’s CEO, it is one thing to make the decision to seek outside assistance in the change management process and quite another to actually find the right consultants. So considerations about who to choose took a great deal of their time.


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