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Our vision

With our vision, ”We grow publishing”, we wish to enhance our own company and the publishing industry in general - a mutual value creation that we strongly believe in.

It is therefore our ambition to grow within the areas of six indicators towards 2017:



1. We grow sales
It is our ambition to increase our turnover and profits to maintain and expand our leading position in Scandinavia. We want to establish a similar position in the rest of Europe and further afield, in keeping with our customers' development and by exploiting the opportunities that arise in the market, and by creating value and success for our customers.

2. We grow excellent care and service
We measure our customer satisfaction continuously and on an annual basis and aim for a customer satisfaction score of more than 4 (on a scale from 1 to 5). In 2012 we reached a score of 3.9. We constantly focus on maintaining and improving our customers' experience with our high-quality solutions and services and on providing an even better and faster service. To work with Schilling must be a different and unique experience.


3. We grow value through knowledge
We want to be the preferred business partner in the publishing industry when it comes to know-how and publishing solutions. We aim to achieve this via the publication of our annual white papers, establishment of and experience from boards of experts, participation at conferences and trade fairs, and not least via the international speakers whom we invite to speak at the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting every year. From all these activities we gather and supply relevant know-how to our customers and help their business grow.


4. We grow winners
At Schilling we want to make a difference for our customers and employees. Working for Schilling should not be just a job but a wish of the individual employee to make a difference and create value for our customers and their colleagues every single day. Working closely together with the individual employee, we wish to enhance his/her qualifications and skills – and thereby enhance Schilling as a company and sparring partner. We create the framework for making a difference – and then it is up to the individual employee to take responsibility so that we can all pull together. It is therefore very important to us to evaluate our actions and efforts on a daily basis so we can keep improving ourselves. Read more about what it means to work for Schilling here.

5. We grow future business opportunities
In pace with the technological development and changes in the market we wish to redefine ourselves continuously so that we can act appropriately and fulfil – and in many cases foresee – the needs of our customers. We constantly focus on what is part of the strategy plan and what is not. Furthermore, we establish boards of experts to ensure that we develop the right solutions in close cooperation with our customers. It is important to us that we maintain our flexible and agile way of working and making decisions. We work with an advisory board whose task it is on a continuous basis to evaluate and quickly act on new opportunities.

6. We grow a professional company
Who would not like to be a professional company? We are a professional company today but we want to keep developing ourselves to ensure that we do things in the best possible way and without wasting any time. For us, to be professional means to be proactive and able to foresee new developments, but it also means that our employees know our core values and – most importantly – observe them in their daily work. You can read more about our values here.


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