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The performance analysis provides practical solutions

The performance analysis is an in-depth analysis that results in a solution catalogue to reap the benefits from the benefit analysis.


When the benefit analysis has identified the areas that can be optimised in your business, the performance analysis provides practical and detailed methods to carry out the improvements as well as suggestions for the order in which you should do it. The analysis also describes the necessary initiatives and resources in what we call an effect and effort matrix.


Through the performance analysis we present our suggestions as to how you can effectuate the benefits shown in the benefit analysis. We evaluate the effect of the improvements on your business in relation to the resources that will be involved. Finally, we prioritise the suggested solutions to make it easy to begin the implementation.


The outcome of the performance analysis is a clear and detailed solution catalogue. In other words, you will have a list of initiatives that will improve the processes and an overview of the efforts that are necessary to obtain the benefits.
After the performance analysis we offer to manage the implementation of the suggested solutions so that you can lead your employees safely and smoothly through the improvement process.


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