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Reduce your inventory and streamline your deliveries to match market demands with Schilling Print on Demand

The benefits of Print on Demand are obvious: As new technology becomes cheaper and better, you can expect high quality at a reasonable price and at the same time efficient logistics that ensures delivery to customers in just a couple of days after the customer has placed an order.


Print on Demand – how?
Schilling offers integration with your current (or future) PoD supplier. Schilling's PoD solution handles just-in-time order integration with your supplier. You mark a title as PoD with just a couple of clicks, and then the Schilling system handles the ordering, order confirmation, delivery notification from the supplier, and ultimately the invoicing. The system easily handles mixed orders (combinations of PoD titles and ordinary stock titles), all transparent for the user. Order status is available for customer service whenever they need it, and a range of efficient tools makes it easy to follow up on how well the suppliers keep the agreed deadlines.

Although the integration varies for the different suppliers, the interface to the individual supplier is very easy to implement.

New functions in Schilling Print on Demand
Schilling's Print on Demand solution is now even more flexible and dynamic with new functions:

  • If a title is marked as PoD, the system will decide from where it should be delivered. If the title is stored in your own stock it will be delivered from there – otherwise it will be delivered from the PoD supplier.
  • On a "mixed order" where titles for delivery from your own stock and titles for delivery from PoD are both included, it will be stated on the delivery note that PoD titles will be delivered later.


Benefits of Print on Demand:

  • Reduce your inventory costs.
  • Keep the long tail alive.
  • Minimise the time spent on handling PoD titles.
  • Act quickly during sales fluctuations.
  • Minimise the risk when taking on "narrow" projects.

If you would like to hear how we can help you reduce your inventory and maximise your sales with PoD, you are welcome to contact us.


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