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What are your daily success criteria and goals?


  • Greater readiness to change.
  • Efficient work routines.
  • Improved quality and greater employee satisfaction.
  • Easily accessible information, transparency, and user-friendliness.
  • Increased earnings and better publishing operations.
  • The right basis for decision and transparency.
  • Enhanced sales and marketing.

Schilling Product Lifecycle Management gives you the tools for a better and more profitable production.


We work on a daily basis with publishing companies to optimise their work procedures. We serve as sparring partner to production departments and help create the basis for decision that ultimately leads to the best bottom line results.

With our knowledge of the publishing business and its many challenges, we offer you our expertise that includes streamlining of production processes, cost reduction, and ensuring a constant overview from idea to the final sales and re-ordering via Schilling Publishing and best practice models.



Publishing Lifecycle Management

More profitable publications with Schilling Publishing Lifecycle Management

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Schilling Publishing Analyser

Make fast and profitable decisions with transparency across your organisation

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