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We want our employees to have the best working conditions

We want our employees to be happy in their working environment. We are like a big family where everybody has different needs that we respect. Everybody is in a constant learning process – some work in teams on major projects, others need to immerse themselves in their individual tasks. It is important for us to know how our employees see the world. To keep improving the working conditions of our employees, we carry out an employee satisfaction survey every year and a workplace evaluation every second year. We hold performance appraisal and career development interviews on a continuous basis to ensure constant development.

We want:

  • Growth in employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Growth in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Growth in employee development.
  • Growth in quality development of our processes.
  • Growth in program development quality.


We want to attract and keep the best qualified employees in the industry to create innovative and value-adding solutions for our customers and the publishing business.


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