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Version updates with Schilling Publishing
– your guarantee for the future

Development with synergy effect

With Schilling's unique version update model we ensure that our customers always have the latest version of the Schilling system on a modern and innovative platform that is constantly being enhanced and improved without any extra development costs or risks.


Return on investment

The continuous development of Schilling Publishing is done in close cooperation with our customers or as strategic development. In other words, a lot of the development is done based on our customer's needs and is implemented as a part of the system. As a result, there is always just one system.


Find a solution that fits your needs and size

The Schilling system is built on a flexible and open platform that makes it possible to scale the system according to your needs and size, whether you are a large, international publishing concern or a large, medium-sized, or small publishing company.


All updates of the system are documented and made available to our customers on-line. Here you can read about what has been changed, expanded, and added since you last received an update.



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