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We measure customer satisfaction for completed support issues every day
Satisfaction score: 4.7

We want to give you the best possible experience with our support. In April 2013 we therefore introduced a new support system and established Schilling Assistance – the team that is always ready to handle your support issues. We want to provide the best service and we measure on a daily basis how satisfied you were with the way we handled your issue. We measure the following points:

  1. Service level
  2. Competence level
  3. Information level
  4. Resolution speed

What can you expect of us?
We prioritise the support issues and measure if we solve the particular issue within the expected resolution time.


From 1 June to 31 August our customer service solved 93.4% of 1,016 support issues within the agreed resolution time. This means that our Service Level Acquisition (SLA) rate is 93.4%. This is an increase since last year, where our customer service solved 86.6% of 1,326 support issues from 1 April to 10 June 2013.

Satisfaction score on completed issues
We measure the daily satisfaction level on completed support issues. In the period from 1 June to 31 August we reached a total score of 4.7 on a scale from 1-5. The total score is generated from four different factors:


Help us get even better
We appreciate your response to our satisfaction surveys because we can then spend our resources in the right areas and become even better at fulfilling your needs.

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