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Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing 2016

What does the future hold for the publishing industry?


How far have we come with the development of digital voices? Why are students still copying each other's textbooks? What is the latest development in mobile reading?

So many new trends and challenges are emerging in the publishing industry. They were the topics at our annual Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting and we would like to share the most important viewpoints with you and all our other colleagues around the world. To that end we have put together the most important  trends in our new publication: Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing 2016.

Today its more important than ever to stay in tune with the market and the digital development that is happening in the industry what with threats posed by startups and other players in the market who are trying to disrupt traditional industries. It is very important not to fall into the trap of believing that it will not happen to us. Our "Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing" looks deeoer into what you as a business in a traditional industry can do to keep up with the new technologies and encounter the threats. We tell you what other similar industries have done for example the music industry where they also have problems with disruption and threats and must deal with these by improving the way they manage their rights.


"Top 10 Trends and Challenges in Publishing" looks into the latest trends in digital voices that have improved greatly and become much more real. We deal with the new reality of having two kinds of readerships: E-books and physical books. Which one will dominate the market in the future? We also talk about the new revenue streams and provide suggestions for how you can create more profit in your business.


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