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The world is changing – and so is Schilling Publishing

Schilling offers a unique and cost-effective version update program with the smallest possible risk. The updates take place on-line in less than two hours while your system is running. We keep up with the latest trends and developments as well as with your needs, and it is up to you if you want to be upgraded on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis – whatever suits you best
Customer focus, return on investment, and development in Schilling Publishing
Every time you have a requirement for new functions, it involves an investment that should be weighed up against the savings and benefits you will get. You can expand your system and always be sure that it will work seamlessly with third-party and future systems.
Schilling ensures that all program changes are stored in Schilling's internal version management system. Your changes will be tested on your server in the latest version of Schilling. Our version management system ensures a high operational efficiency, also in connection with new updates. All updates of the system are described in our release notes that are available on our customer portal at Here you can see what has been changed, expanded, and added since you last received an update.
Upgrade workshop – how do we use the new features
In connection with an upgrade, we offer a so-called upgrade workshop where we go through the new processes and features. This is of great benefit to your employees and ensures that you make the most of your Schilling Publishing system.

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