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Offer value-added services with Schilling Publishing Portal

With Schilling Publishing Portal and CMS system you can exploit the many opportunities of the internet to enhance your services to your customers, members, and authors – and increase your profits. The publishing portal provides access to webshops, blogs, mobile services, self-service, author portals, etc. With all these features, you can make it easier for your customers to buy, subscribe, get information, and give you sales-relevant data.


Together with Schilling, select the portal solutions that are best suited to your requirements.
Schilling Publishing Portal features:
  • The place where your customers, authors, and readers get and exchange relevant information.
  • Easy maintenance and updating of your portals in different languages.
  • Customised author, theme, book club, product and imprint pages via microsite functionality.
  • Communities for meetings and debates between your customers and authors.
  • Additional sales via current news bulletins for your customers and authors.
  • Customer and author contact via carefully selected media platforms.
  • Possibility to develop your own modules and integration to other systems.
  • Possibility for your own e-commerce, including sales of books, courses, seminars, etc.
  • Modern blog communication between yourself, your customers, authors and their readers.
  • Customer service with relevant news via RSS feeds.
  • Self-service for customers, authors, business partners, members, booksellers, etc.

Get started quickly! Find out what possibilities and improvements Schilling Subscription Portal can give you.


  • Greater flexibility and  readiness to change with the many options, user-friendliness, microsites in minutes, etc.
  • Increased product sales and profits by offering value-adding products and services.
  • Better service and enhanced customer satisfaction with the many services that can be customised for the individual customer and his/her requirements.
  • Reduced costs through automatic processes, fewer errors, and better overview. Avoid double work.


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