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Keep track of all your assets and supplementary rights easily with Schilling Asset Management

To keep up with external and internal demands on publishers regarding control, insight, and the best utilisation of rights, Schilling continuously develops systems and tools that can handle all these areas. With Schilling Asset Management you can register and keep track of all the assets that you use and of the publications they are used in.


It is more important than ever that you are in full control of your assets, not least in light of digitisation, increased competition, and a constantly changing market. Are you allowed to sell illustrations to a publisher in Germany? Are you allowed to print 1000 extra copies? Do you allow the film company to use the cover picture? Whom should you ask permission? Schilling's publishing modules help you with all this.


The Schilling Rights solution helps you ensure that your secondary rights are registered and optimised through royalty-based publisher agreements. Most publications include a wide range of assets that are typically settled in other ways than via royalty-based publisher agreements – yet you must also keep track of these. They may be printed or digital assets such as cover photos, cover graphics, illustrations, photos, texts, audio, etc.


Schilling Asset Management – an easy and smart way of keeping track of all your assets.



  • Keep track of all agreements and make sure you avoid any unauthorised use of the rights of others.
  • Ensure that rights are registered and settled.
  • See how many copies of an asset you have printed, in how many publications you have used it, if you have the right to sell it in other countries, and how many you have left.
  • Correct validation (knowing exactly what permissions you have and when they expire).
  • With unique numbers in your own digital archive you will eliminate any wrong use.
  • Save time by having all data in one system.
  • You comply with all agreements and your publishing company will always have a professional image.

Do you want to be in full control of your assets? 
Contact us to find out how Schilling can help you with your assets



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