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Improve your author relations with Schilling's Author Portal

Good author relations are vital for your business. With Schilling's Author Portal you can improve and manage your author relations, while saving time and money.


New trends and developments in the publishing industry are putting publishers under pressure. Some authors publish their own books, but many of them still prefer to let a publisher deal with all the practical details. But authors demand flexibility in the publishers' services and better communication that shows them exactly what value they get from the publishers in the publishing process. With Schilling's Author Portal you can easily make information available to your authors and agents online, for example royalty settlements, sales figures, and handling and signing of contracts. Information sharing means that you can provide an even better service, create transparency and thereby improve author relations.




  • Improve author relations when all written communication is stored in one central location and can easily be found later.
  • Sign author contracts and rights contracts online, save time, and minimise costs.
  • Save time by releasing information as soon as it is ready, for example royalty settlements and sales figures.
  • Enable your authors to keep their personal data up to date themselves, such as address and bank information.
  • Simpler contract process that shows information about ongoing negotiations. Upload contracts to the portal and give the authors access to see them, make comments, print them – and even sign the contracts and suggest changes online.
  • Better handling of direct relations with your authors makes you more competitive.

Retaining your authors is of course important but attracting new authors is vital for any publisher, especially given the wide range of self-publishing options available in the digital age.


With Schilling's Author Portal you can show your contributors and agents why they should choose you as their publisher. In short: An efficient tool to improve your author relations.

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