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Best Practice in Publishing

Schilling Publishing is an ERP system specially designed for the publishing industry, reflecting all aspects of the business routines of publishers. Thus, we offer a system that provides an overview and ensures high quality and efficiency in your daily work. With Schilling Publishing you will get a system that is based on best practice from many years of experience with and insight in the different links of the value chain in the publishing industry.
  • We supply know-how that enables publishers to make the right decisions.
  • We supply ERP systems (IT systems) to publishing and distribution companies – systems that support and develop the companies' ability to run their business efficiently and profitably.
  • Focus on the publishing industry
  • Avoid routines that do not create any value.
  • Avoid double work.
  • Focus on new processes that create value.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our best practice model or would like a benefit analysis


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