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From successful deliveries to delivering success

Schilling offers consultancy services with in-depth knowledge in how you can optimise your publishing business. Our services are designed to create value and success for our customers. All our services are based on practical experience and best practice within each individual field to ensure a well-documented and proof-of-concept approach to the business challenges you face in your daily work.


Schilling offers a wide range of consultancy services from project management, implementation, workshops, best practice, and return on investment to training, maintenance, and a range of support options through all the phases of a Schilling implementation project, as well as support beyond normal customer service to help our customers manage their day-to-day operations and train their staff.

Documented improvements and results

Schilling Consulting has created success with many publishing companies in Scandinavia through our many years of experience with efficient publishing, commitment, and – needless to say – Schilling Publishing as the reliable and stable foundation. This unique combination ensures that you will see major improvements and good results from your investment in Schilling Publishing.

The right choice – the best in Scandinavia

With more than 100 implementations of Schilling Publishing on time and at the agreed price, we have created success for many publishing companies. From our headquarters in Denmark, our customers have benefited from our many years of experience of working with and supporting the system and from our cooperation with users from all types of organisations from independent publishers to some of the largest media concerns in the world.

Highest return on investment

Schilling provides training and other tools to ensure that you continuously develop your business processes, and that old as well as new employees are always up-to-speed. Your success and results are important to us. We want to help you achieve the highest employee satisfaction as a result of a user-friendly system and efficient work routines. 



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