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Simplify complex contracts and royalty calculations and be in control of all your assets with Schilling Contract, Rights and Royalty Management

With the Schilling Contract, Rights & Royalty solution you will have the full overview and control of your contracts – even the most complex ones. It is easy to work with all types of rights in real time, for digital or print, including resale of entire works or individual assets, posting, payments on time, and processing of returned goods. Forecast, accurate calculations, and payment of royalties are always easily available. The solution makes your daily work easier and more efficient with lots of automated processes, saves time, and makes complex work routines simple.


Features of the Contract, Rights & Royalty solution include:

  • Automatic royalty payment for any sale by pressing a button, including different rates, authors, co-authors, agents, sales channels, etc.
  • Easy handling of currencies, duties, fees, advances, disbursements, guarantee amounts, quantity-dependent rates, deductions, etc.
  • Advanced currency handling of contracts throughout the world, including payment currency, sales currency, and basic currency.
  • Keep track of tax rates from different countries, depending on whether you are an author or an heir, including the possibility to print tax information for the tax authorities.
  • Use of ISTC codes and specification of rights, including all aspects: duration of the contract, rights belonging to the publishing house, secondary rights, in which countries they can be transferred, territories, countries, languages, exclusive or non-exclusive.
  • Easy follow-up on outstanding options and sold rights, amounts due with regard to advances, and royalty for use in standard reports and statistics.

All contracts are recorded centrally and can be accessed from different places in the Schilling system. Rights registration at asset level gives you the full overview for individual utilisation, re-utilisation, and resale of assets. As an extra service you can give your authors and agents access to Schilling's online author portal with information about agreements, bills, current sales, etc. Here your users can also see available and sold rights, request readers' copies, and participate in auctions. At the same time, you save on paper, envelopes, and postage.

See what possibilities and improvements Schilling Contract, Rights and Royalty can give you.



  • 100% overview and control of your contracts, correct royalty calculation and payments and rights both print and digital.
  • Better author service when they are able to keep track of their sales and get all the relevant information they need and sign contracts online.
  • Save time and reduce costs with automated processes and standard work routines.
  • Enhanced efficiency and streamlined work routines with user-friendly templates that take all the necessary aspects into account.

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