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Total finance management with Schilling Finance

With Schilling Finance Management you have all the necessary tools to manage your financial reports, accounts, administration, debtor/creditor, stock, sales, project accounts, etc. – also internationally. The entire system is based on industry standards that can be integrated with your own systems and exploit the latest technologies.
The core of Schilling Finance Management is the Nominal Ledger module which includes a range of possibilities with a large degree of flexibility. Transactions from all the other modules are gathered here – these can be selected and expanded as required. On top of Schilling Finance Management you can add our business intelligence module, Schilling Publishing Analyser.
Features of the individual modules:


Nominal Ledger

  • Flexible charts of accounts and reports.
  • Budgeting based on the chart of accounts and dimensions.
  • Individual accounts.
  • Optional accounting periods.
  • Entry sheet with multiple functions.
  • Account entries on nominal ledger accounts of other legal companies.
  • Access control provides security.
  • Automatic distribution of costs per department.
  • Unlimited number of budgets.
  • Consolidation of accounts at department and group level.
  • Advanced posting relations.


  • Flexible handling of debtors.
  • Automatic interest and reminder processes and handling of credits.
  • Comparison between your most important debtors.
  • Select between different currencies with automatic posting of exchange rate differences.


  • Efficient management of creditors and solvency.
  • The creditor file keeps track of the terms of payment and delivery, discount matrix, attention persons, etc.
  • Keep track of payments and minor administration tasks with automatic updating of relevant accounts, posting, payments, etc.
  • Currency and language management.

 Purchase Invoice Management

  • Great time saving through electronic handling of purchase invoices.
  • All information is available on-line and may be e-mailed, approved, and posted quickly and independently of location.
  • Fewer manual processes and less wasted time through automatic invoice approval.
  • Fast and easy follow-up on employees.
  • Ensure payment on time.
  • Fast recording of invoices with Readsoft.
  • Security with easy validation of information.
  • Secure posting with the Purchase Invoice Management module. 

See what possibilities and improvements Schilling Finance Management can give you.


  • Easy and flexible search function with drop-down lists and pop-up menus.
  • Automatic processes with sequences of function keys.
  • High security with individual access rights to sub-systems.
  • Transaction-oriented security for sensitive data.
  • Zoom in on optional information from your current display.
  • 100% overview of the financial situation.


Schilling Publishing Analyser

Make fast and profitable decisions with transparency across your organisation 

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