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More profitable publications with
Schilling Publishing Lifecycle Management

The Publishing Lifecyle Management module gives you easy access to all the information about a publication project, from idea to publication, re-order, etc.
All information is entered centrally once and for all in the same system – after that all users have a very good overview of each individual process and can share their knowledge with other departments. You can calculate the financials of a project and project plans and the profitability. This will enable you to make the right decisions and react quickly on any deviations. It will enable the marketing manager to target product releases and will make it easy for everybody to extract information for reports and statistics.

See how Publishing Lifecycle Management makes your work easier:

  • Structured registration of information makes it easy to find and distribute the information.
  • Time schedules and tables give you an overview of all activities.
  • Easy calculation of the break-even point shows the profitability of a publication.
  • Budgets are easily handled in several versions before transfer to the nominal ledger.
  • Project templates that include all processes support the production plan.
  • Easy handling of corrections in budgets, forecasts, calculations, etc.
  • All information in one system makes it easier to target the sales.
  • Report information can be easily recorded and retrieved as required.
  • Automatic, on-time calculation of royalty with the recorded author agreements.
With Schilling Publishing Analyser you can keep track of the key figures and the development of each publication. Integration to Schilling Publishing Portal ensures automatic, on-time information about book prices and news.
See what possibilities and improvements Schilling Publishing Lifecycle Management can give you.


  • Readiness to change when you have the full overview of all publications.
  • Efficient work routines with user-friendly project templates.
  • Better quality and improved employee satisfaction from easily accessible information, transparency, and user-friendliness.
  • Increased earnings and better company performance with the right decision basis and transparency.
  • Optimised sales and marketing.


Schilling Publishing Analyser

Make fast and profitable decisions with transparency across your organisation

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