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Easily manage and secure your rights in connection with acquisition, utilisation, and resale with Schilling Rights Management

To be in control of your contracts and rights is a must. With simpler work processes and easy handling you will be able to increase efficiency and revenue. With Schilling Rights you can manage all your rights in connection with acquisition, own utilisation, and resale.


In the era of digitisation, managing rights is even more complex and difficult than before. If you are not in control of your contracts and rights, it may have grave consequences for your revenue. Schilling Rights gives you an overview, transparency, and efficient utilisation of your rights, and ensures progress in the acquisition of new rights.


Schilling Rights – a smarter and simpler way to reduce time and costs and to have full control of your assets 

  • Simple handling of rights acquisition and sale.

  • Control own utilisation, secondary rights, co-production, supplements, and options.

  • Overview, resource allocation, and follow-up in the entire negotiation process with response codes and status reports.

  • Efficient contract generator for the acquisition of rights that ensures the quality in the agreements.

  • Digital signing of contracts.

  • Royalty and licence administration.

  • Warnings and notifications.

  • Process management, marketing, and follow-up.

  • Statements, payments, sales orders, invoicing, etc.

Your rights are the key to long-term value creation and revenue. With the Schilling Rights solution you can have full control, save time, and reduce costs with automated work routines. Schilling Rights simplifies the complexity of rights management.


Schilling Rights can be implemented either as a separate module or as an integrated part of a Contract, Rights & Royalty solution or of a complete publishing solution. Schilling Rights makes the complex process of handling your assets simple.


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