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Accurate settlement and royalty payments with Schilling Royalty

With Schilling Royalty you can service your authors, contributors, and rights owners with everything from signing the initial contract to the final payment, and the module ensures that you can handle the complexity in business agreements now and in the future. With Schilling Royalty you will save time and reduce costs. Many work routines are fully automated, and royalty settlement merely requires one click on a button. 



With Schilling Royalty you can handle quantity-dependent rates and deductions such as for example binding deduction. Royalties are calculated based on deductions, so the more authors you have, the more time and money you need to spend to ensure that agreements are handled correctly. Once the agreement has been entered in the system, the royalties are calculated automatically for each sale with predefined rates, prices, currencies, etc.


Schilling Royalty – an easy way to handle author royalties:

  • Several authors on one ISBN number.
  • Annual returns from the bookshops can be reserved and imported via bar codes.
  • Registration of titles with edition and impression control.
  • Handling several authors with individual agreements on the same publication.
  • Free settlement frequency per contract and per author.
  • Unlimited number of sales channels and price groups – including free pricing of the publications.
  • All rights sales in one and the same settlement.


Schilling Royalty includes an agreement template that makes it very easy to create author agreements. The template guides you through the sales channels and the relevant price groups and royalty rates, which ensures that agreements are always handled correctly.

With Schilling Royalty you have everything in one system – either as a separate module that can be integrated with your current finance system or as an integrated part of a combined Contract, Rights & Royalty solution. Schilling Royalty plays an important part in ensuring correct handling of author agreements and fees. The solution is designed to be logical and intuitive with focus on user-friendliness and easy operation.

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