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More profitable sales process with Stock, Logistics and Distribution

With Schilling Stock, Logistics and Distribution you will get the necessary overview of the sales information to enable you to deliver at the right time and the right price.
Orders may be received via manual recording, web services, and file import. You will have access to information on-line in real time via a customised user interface. The workflows can easily be adapted to increase their efficiency and profitability.

Schilling Stock, Logistics and Distribution features:

  • Location management, multiple warehouses, many products per location, physical location, bulk and non-bulk.
  • Auditable movements, stock movements, different quantities – available/allocated.
  • Frequency optimisation warehouse stocks, distribution parameters, automatic location allocation, and refill of hand-picking locations.
  • Picking routines, generation of picking lists, electronic and paper.
  • Automatic corrections to orders and shipped quantity, back orders, weight control.
  • Locating deliveries in the shipping process with track and trace.
  • Differentiated delivery addresses and hidden prices on delivery notes.
  • Requirement management.
  • EDI – for example electronic invoicing, order confirmation, delivery notification.

See what possibilities and improvements Schilling Stock and Logistics can give you.


  • Overview of orders with all information recorded in one system.
  • Efficient re-order process provides faster reaction and delivery.
  • Automatic product reservation and overview of available stock.
  • Reduction of surplus stock means a reduction in the operating expenses.
  • User-oriented order registration makes the daily work easier.
  • Online recording and entry of orders, display of customer-specific prices and discounts.
  • Online product information about stock status, availability, etc.
  • System-integrated PDA/bar code readers provide instant stock management information.
  • Flexible delivery note adaptation according to combined delivery, shipping days, delivery date, back order, change of delivery method, etc.
  • Improved customer service and loyalty with fast and automatic display of sales information when a customer calls.
  • More efficient and profitable flow from order and stock handling to delivery and invoicing.

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