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It is easy to handle all kinds of subscriptions with Schilling

With the Schilling Subscription module you can handle all types of subscriptions: free, gift, student, introduction, etc., including automatic billing, renewal, service, duration, price structure, etc.
You can benefit even more from the Subscription module by combining it with Schilling Subscription Portal.
Schilling Subscription features:
  • Print reminders in different ways depending on customer segmentation, reminder process, billing requirements, etc.
  • Efficient campaign management with automatic returning to normal prices at the end of the campaign period.
  • Handling of digital products in the same way as other publications.
  • Handling of student discounts, including automatic price management during and after the education period.
  • Automatic accruals process saves time and provides an overview of income and expenses.
  • Easy for the customer to maintain his/her own subscriptions.
  • Full control and overview of deliveries and standing orders.
  • Full control of the subscription process with reports and statistics.
  • Automatic creation of orders for new products.
  • Several interest areas and delivery addresses for each customer.

Schilling Subscription is fully integrated with Schilling Publishing and gives you the full benefits in combination with Schilling Subscription Portal and Schilling Publishing Analyser.


See what possibilities and improvements Schilling Subscription can give you.

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  • Improved efficiency through automated work processes.
  • Faster handling and improved customer satisfaction through self-service functions.
  • Larger profits per subscription through automated processes.
  • Transparency and high security.

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