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Future-proof technology – Schilling Publishing is built on open standards

The technology behind Schilling Publishing gives you many benefits. There is no upper limit to the number of dimensions in the system. Schilling Publishing offers a far better performance than other systems that use different technologies. This gives you a long range of advantages, such as enhanced operational reliability and excellent exploitation of any existing hardware, etc.


Schilling Publishing is built on an expanded three-pier client/server technology (client, application, and database) and uses Oracle as its database. With the client/server method it is easy to scale the system because each part can be upgraded independently.


Oracle's open database ensures faster, easier, and more efficient work routines and for example makes it possible to have full reading access to all information in the Schilling system via a business intelligence tool so that third-party tools can also be used together with the Schilling system.


Flexibility with full remote connection

The client/server architecture that Schilling Publishing is built on allows full remote connection. A concern may therefore choose to let external locations or departments operate on a central installation via a communication line.


Intuitive and user-friendly interface

The graphical user interface of Schilling Publishing has been developed for Microsoft Windows. It is intuitive and easily recognisable for anyone who is used to working with Windows.


Apart from the graphical user interface Schilling Publishing uses standard web services, which makes it easy to integrate with other systems.


Supporting industry standards

We work together with many different industry organisations. Schilling Publishing supports all industry standards, such as EDI, XML, EAN, OIOXML, ONIX, ISBN 13, Digital Object Identification, etc.


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