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The Schilling workshop process ensures a successful implementation


To ensure success in all corners of your organisation and to ensure that new routines and workflows are properly rooted with the individual employees, Schilling carries out a workshop which:

  • Clarifies expectations all around.
  • Clarifies processes within the particular business area.
  • Goes through current processes and routines.
  • Determines if any further development is needed, and if there are any further requirements for future processes.
  • Goes through Schilling's "best practice" within the relevant processes.
  • Makes a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Calculates return on investment.

Schilling leads you through the process and ensures that the results are documented so that they can form the basis for your decisions. During the workshop the processes within each area are clarified and described, Schilling's "best practice" is described for each process, and a cost/benefit calculation is made so that you will know the profits on the bottom line. The workshop reports include suggested solutions, agreements, prices, and time schedules as well as any areas that need to be further analysed.


Consolidation and future guarantee with Schilling

Schilling is available as a qualified co-player and sparring partner who helps you with your strategies for the future and consolidation of your publishing company.





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